terrazzo backsplashSolid Art grew out of the extensive
art and design background
of Lynne-Rachel Altman

A former glass designer in Sweden and West Virginia and an accomplished sculptor with an MFA from California College of Arts and Crafts,
Lynne-Rachel has a long history of working site-specifically and using her talents to transform spaces into meaningful places.

Lynne-Rachel created her first public art project over a decade ago for Berkeley, California’s Addison Street Arts District, beginning the use of her unique skills and experience to create distinctive and durable art to enhance public and architectural spaces.

cast glass mosaic


Since then, Lynne-Rachel has further developed her ideas and techniques, creating superlative works in mosaic, masonry, glass, terrazzo, murals, ceramic and concrete for the Santa Clara Central Park Library, City of Oakland’s Children’s Fairyland, City of Berkeley, and private residences.  

Working collaboratively with public and private entities, Lynne-Rachel has developed relationships with landscape architects, engineers and specialized fabricators and is able to provide the highest quality custom vitreous ceramic and cementitious products available. 

SOLID ART is durable, unique, solid fine art.